Champion Certification - Activity Management

Champion Certification: Activity Management The Activity Management module covers how to manage activities and events in FellowshipOne.


Getting Started with FellowshipOne

An introduction into the fundamentals of FellowshipOne. From logging into the portal to using our FellowshipOne Mobile app. This 1.5 hour course is what you need to learn the basics of FellowshipOne. Great course for new staff and/or key volunteers!


Champion Certification - People Management

Champion Certification: People Management The People Management module covers the details of managing data in your system with a focus on people data.


Champion Certification - People Interaction

Champion Certification: People Interaction The People Interaction module covers the details of interacting with attendees and members of your congregation through Notes, Contacts, Attributes and Requirements.


Champion Certification - People Management & Interaction (BUNDLE)

Purchase these two courses together for a discounted price.